Thursday, April 1, 2021

Space rock "Clairvoyance" by Hieronymus Dream

Space rock "Clairvoyance " by Hieronymus Dream

"Clairvoyance" is the debut album from Greece's HIERONYMUS DREAM.  Pure instrumental psych with touches of space rock and krautrock in equal measure, these 4 tracks clock it at half an hour and deliver nothing but high-energy music to fuel your next flight into outer (or inner) space. Check out "Clairvoyance" on Bandcamp:

Nothing less than straight-up brilliant psych is going on here. Energetic, detailed, and it has a depth of sound which serves as a foundation on which the musicians can weave their dream. (It might be that the outdoor live recording gives this album its deep sound.) Each instrument is pulling its weight without taking over the sound, and the resulting songs are balanced and crafted.

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Cleomedes Heavens" but you can't miss with any of these songs. 

Also check out Hieronymus Dream's new single "Second Trail of Alcyone" -- 

Hieronymus Dream is a 5-piece band that hails from Rhodes, Greece. 

From the band:

Rhodes Island, Greece in the year 2020. Where the mountain meets the sea and the sea meets a starlit sky. The five-piece band Hieronymus Dream found themselves to create there own version of cosmic Psychedelic-Neo-Krautrock with the 4-track debut EP “Clairvoyance”.

Following the ancestor steps of bands like Aphrodite`s Child, Neu and newer artists like Maserati, they come to take the listener into a deep, but yet smooth psychedelic shamanic dream ride.

The album was recorded live outdoors under the Rhodian sky fully analog.

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