Thursday, April 1, 2021

Debut grunge "Cellar Door" by MAGUS scorpio


Debut grunge "Cellar Door" by MAGUS scorpio

If you ever thought to yourself, I really dig grunge but I wish it was just a little heavier? Then you are in for a treat with "Cellar Door" by MAGUS SCORPIO. This 2-track debut EP shows off the chugging riffs and killer vocals of Wisconsin's Mike Mata who handles it all. Check out "Cellar Door" on Bandcamp: 

To me, grunge is stripped-down heavy metal but you can call it whatever you like. It's just hard-charging rock, right? And that's enough to enjoy right there. But what MAGUS scorpio adds to the mix is just a little extra layer of heaviness, and also some extended solos which are rarely found in classic grunge. For instance, dig the solo at the end of "Broken Meditation" which just flat-out rips the roof off.

Hey it's NYP on Bandcamp so check out "Cellar Door" and be sure to hit that follow button on MAGUS scorpio's Bandcamp page so you can find out when their album is released.

MAGUS scorpio on Bandcamp

From MAGUS scorpio band: 

MAGUS scorpio is a unique project combining the dark and heavy sounds that make up doom and stoner rock inspired by Satanism in a modern setting while contrasting the experience with a touch of psych/euphoria most notably expressed through 90s alternative (at times known as grunge) music and the sweet leaf we all know and love.

MAGUS scorpio is looking for a label to release their upcoming album. Contact

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