Thursday, April 29, 2021

Doom punk BLACK MARKET DRUGS is back with "20 Sack E​.​P."


Doom punk BLACK MARKET DRUGS is back with "20 Sack E​.​P."

Fuzzy never complains about short EPs and especially not during a pandemic. So I'm glad to hear from the dudes in BLACK MARKET DRUGS -- has it really been over 2 years since their debut album? (Fuzzy's review is at The vocals and overall sound are a little more mellow this time, but the band is still loud and pissed off. (And who isn't a little more mellow after the past year?) BMD is pretty much the poster child in my unpublished Book of Doom Punk. Listen to Black Market Drugs on Bandcamp:

The opening track is the closest to the band's original sound and is sure to please both old and new fans. Fuzz with an angry punk edge with the vocals in overdrive.

The middle track gets a little dreamy, but psych rock has always been a part of BMD's sound, and "Drained" is a cool song.

Each of the 3 songs has a distinct style, and I might say that the final song "20 Sack" is my favorite with its melancholy guitar tone yet thundering riff that grows and grows as the song pummels along. 

I'm glad these guys dropped this treat of an EP on us, and here's hoping it's a lot less than 2 years before we hear from them again.

Self-proclaimed "fuzz-drenched power trio" Black Market Drugs hails from So Cal (West Covina). 

Also check out their 2019 debut and follow the band at

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