Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Solo shoegaze CAPTAIN SHRUGS "Boredom City" is fantastic

Fuzzy loves solo artists. My first comp was Loud & Lonely vol. 1. The Swamp's Crow Ballard and Opium Warlock are both solo bands. Solo friends of The Swamp are too many to list here, but be sure to check out Crushing Yellow Sun, Stonehag, Mäes Morrendo, Tree of Riffs / Blake Evans, Jerky Dirt, Count Szar .... you get the idea.

So when CAPTAIN SHRUGS sent me his latest project to check out, I was pretty excited. And The Captain did not let me down! "Boredom City" mixes fuzzy psychedelic riffs with shoegaze effects and haunting vocals in a way that is energizing and relaxing at the same time. These songs are like riding a wave of sound, where you get lifted up but then sink back down, only to be lifted again by the next wave. Stream "Boredom City" on Bandcamp:

Another thing that really stands out is the drumming. Many solo artists use a drum machine or software (nothing wrong with that!) but it leaves the sound a little too perfect, and well, ... machine-like. The drumming on here is authentic, energetic, creative, and really excellent. A great foundation and complement to the riffs.

Captain Shrugs is working on his next album, which you can preview on Bandcamp right here.

Captain Shrugs band is Nicola Serafini from Ravenna, Italy.

Follow Captain Shrugs for music and news:

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