Monday, May 4, 2020

Stoner rock STONEGAZER hits hard with their debut album "The End of Our World"

STONEGAZER debut album "The End of Our World"
STONEGAZER debut album "The End of Our World"
It's been a few years since we heard from Finland's STONEGAZER, and Fuzzy's guess is that the band spent all that time recording the perfect heavy stoner rock album.  Heavy without going fuzz, rock without going metal, stoner without quite getting into grunge. Check out "The End of Our World" out now on CD and LP from Kozmik Artifactz:

Every one of the 7 songs on "The End of Our World" is powerful and driving, and Fuzzy points out that "Bring Down The Rain" and "No Grace To Fall From" are the best of the best. Great guitar work, never-ending rhythms, and phenomenal singing.

Finnish stoner band StoneGazer released their first LP through Kozmik Artifactz as CD and vinyl on 24.4.2020

StoneGazer band is from Finland with the members:
  • Juho - kitara
  • Late - kitara
  • Tomas- basso
  • Jallu - rummut
  • Jussi - laulu
From StoneGazer band:
The End of Our World has lyrical themes ranging from the inherent shortcomings of the current system and the impending ecological disaster to critique of the unlearned lessons in history regarding demagogues. Lyrically The End of Our World is not a concept album, but an album that is a collection of songs that reflect the contemporary and take a stand where one needs to be taken.

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