Monday, May 4, 2020

Heavy psych HEAVY HANDS new EP "Through The Night"

HEAVY HANDS new EP "Through The Night"
HEAVY HANDS new EP "Through The Night"
It's been almost exactly a year, and HEAVY HANDS is back with a new EP and this time, the Boston heavy psych bands brings a variety to their songs that ranges from dark to grunge, from very heavy to less intense, but it's all variations on their signature psychedelic rock sound. Check out "Through The Night" EP:

"Through The Night" EP starts off with the spoken word of "Devil Nets" before exploding into a very dark, heavy psych song.

"Villain" dials back the darkness to deliver a grunge-infused heavy rocker.

The EP wraps up with "Breakdown" which changes this EP's sound yet again to offer a blend of the first two songs with a psych rock winner.

Plan on hitting the repeat button when you start this one. It's worth a lot of replays.

Heavy Hands is:

  • Aaron - vocals and guitar 
  • Dan - drums
  • Sean - guitar
  • Jeremy - bass

Follow Heavy Hands band at: 

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