Monday, May 11, 2020

Drone metal "Excavation" debut EP from BRONTOSAURUS

Drone metal "Excavation" debut EP from BRONTOSAURUS
Drone metal "Excavation" debut EP from BRONTOSAURUS
The Swamp has its share of drone metal (our newest band is COUNT SZAR) and ambient psych (founding brother OPIUM WARLOCK). So when I got the word about the debut album from BRONTOSAURS, I was right on it. And I was not disappointed! This is drone of the heaviest sort, and delivered with an unending barrage of unique ambient touches. This album is as fantastic as it is original, so have a listen to "Excavation" on Bandcamp --

Beyond the complete brutality of this heaviness on the first track and "Junkhead", there are some masterful flourishes to the music. The intentional skips, the drum work, the straining guitars, samples, the effects .... simply incredible stuff going on here. Despite the sheer weight of the music, there is so much variety to the music and sounds that you will simply not be able to pull your ears away from any of it. You are rewarded for catching the details as they travel past you.

Fuzzy's favorite song? Not an easy choice. I will say that the middle of "Junkhead" sent tingles up my spine, and the sheer originality of "Dinocracy" makes it stand out despite its short length. Drone purists might complain about the drift into ambient on a few of these songs, but to me, that is the appeal of this album. Ambient is the heavy half-brother of drone, and Brontosaurus is the father of them both.

I pity the demise of the dinosaurs, and I pity you if you miss out on this drone metal marvel with an ambient flair.

Brontosaurus is the drone metal project from Jan Chojnowski of The Howling Eye.

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