Thursday, June 20, 2019

Fuzzy Cracklins Presents is all about promoting bands

Here is a list of ways I can help bands with their online promotion. If you are not sure what kind of underground music I promote, just take a look at the posts in this blog to get an idea. Everything is free. I do not charge bands for anything. Get at me at


I only write reviews for music I really dig. Send me your music and if I like it, I will write a blog review that is short and to the point of why I like your band's music. I am glad to include news about the band, all your social links, embed videos, and even a band interview.

For example:


Spotify is a great way for fans to hear your band's music. Get at me if you want your song added to my playlist.

Here is the my playlist on Spotify:


All you need to do to get your album onto my YouTube channel is give me your permission. I will make the video and make sure your links are listed at the top of the description so that fans will find them easily. 


I send out a weekly newsletter to my Bandcamp mailing list. This is best if we've done a review on my blog and I can send them a link to that. For some bands, this is a good way to send out some download codes, too.

For example, here is what we have done for one of the bands in The Swamp and check out the nice reviews received for the album:


This is a big boost when your band has a new album and needs it to get out to my super fans on Bandcamp.  These fans have a lot of followers of their own, so your album will get into a lot of collections very quickly. Especially if your Bandcamp page has merch on it, this is the way to get fans to see it.

For example, here is another band from The Swamp where we have done this:


Sell your CDs and other merch on my Bandcamp and Big Cartel pages. I take care of the shipping. This is especially good for bands outside of the United States who want to have me ship their merch exclusively to the US. This way, your fans save money on shipping and your band continues to sell its merch from your own sites in your region.


Every fan loves a contest and Fuzzy can help you make it even more fun. A band or a label can send me a tape or CD or album or shirt or whatever, and I will handle the shipping to the winner, or you can direct ship to the winner. Contact me in advance to work out the details.

For example here is a virtual contest and the label shipped the vinyl:

And here is a video posted on Instagram for the winner of a CD that I mailed out:


If your band is rehearsing in your studio or playing a gig, why not get a friend with a phone to catch a few songs of your set on IGTV (Instagram live TV video) or YouTube Live? I will promote the show for you so that you get fans from all over the world to show up. These work best when you keep it short so this is really easy to set up, and build up an international fan base. PRO TIP: Bring a tripod with a phone adapter, and an extension cord with the phone's power adapter to keep things steady and energized.

Get at me at