Friday, June 14, 2019

Carcaño s/t lays down the heavy psych

Carcaňo s/t
Carcaňo s/t 
The debut album from Carcaño nails so many sounds I love. HEAVY is all over this thing with fuzz applied in generous amounts, but without overpowering the PSYCH which gets trippy and keeps things fresh so your mind can take flight, and finally VOCALS that fit the tone of the music so well that it is sort of mind-bending. And then on top of all that, these guys are from ITALY which as we know is such a special place in The Swamp with our very own Kavod keeping things heavy for us. One thing that always sets an album apart for me is when it has a nice flow to it yet there is a variety to the songs. This debut album is all over that. The Hunter lays down the heavy, then next up is The Bag which is so trippy with its echoes and effects it will blow your mind right back to the late 60s. And The Boner is just a funky groovy good time. And so it goes right to the very end.  I dig this!

Carcaño is a 4-piece from Reggio Calabria, Italy and I'm pretty sure they would be a whole lotta fun to party with. Here's what they told me:
Carcaño are an example of what can happen if you exaggerate with alcohol. They are born as Venus was born from the foam of the sea, from the foam of the backwash of various drinks in 2018 in Reggio Calabria. The initial project is to start a dairy business, but find themselves with the tools in hand to do brothel.
In fact, a first attempt called OCTOPUSSY, which involved the 4, is datable to 2006. Following the kidnapping of the drummer by the aliens (which the theoreticians of the ancient alien  affirm plausible) the band, after a memorable one (even if nobody remembers, nobody knows, as from the Calabrian tradition) concert, he retires to a convent where he knows a friar investigator who puts himself in search of the drummer.
Experienced untold mishaps and following a trip to Jerusalem, Max the Mind (former drummer with Memories of a Lost Soul and TooMera B is reunited with the companions of a lifetime: Ugo the Doc on bass (previously with Veneregrida and Straw) , El Pez on guitar (formerly All the shit's holes and [AllMyFriendzAre] DEAD) and Elmore Penoise vocals and guitar (already involved with Stradedaria, Fjelds, [AllMyFriendzAre] DEAD, Elmore, Quello Sporco Duo).
The quartet now has the whole intention of diversifying its investments: it aims straight to cheese production by carelessly mixing the alcohol to all those typical products from which the stoner blend is born to be served hot and with very high volumes. 
Influenced by Sleep, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, 35007, Acid King but especially Beatles, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer and Hawkwind, it is rumored that the Carcaño can serve warm ricotta during their lives.
Right on! Check these guys out -- the links are below.