Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Crawling Eye debut EP No Short Stays alternative rock

The Crawling Eye debut EP No Short Stays
The Crawling Eye debut EP No Short Stays 
A few months ago, we had a song from Ten No.6 on Lunosphere X and now Matthew Witherstone (the guitarist) has a new side project called THE CRAWLING EYE which includes a new singer and they have a very smooth, cool, alternative sound. Matthew is playing guitar, bass, harmonica, and melodica with singing by Simon Thomas. There's a nice variety to the songs, with No Short Stays starting right off with Simon's vocals, Let The Day Begin keeping things alternative, Nothing New going acoustic, and What You Wanted veering into reggae. Check it out:

I asked Matthew about how The Crawling Eye came together:
Simon Thomas was the singer in in a band I was with in the 90's. We were called Interzone and had an EP released on an independent label. We signed a publishing deal then imploded. We both gave up on music, but over the years I'd always wanted to record with him again - I just love his voice.
When I was approached to do Ten No.6 I had a bunch of songs that didn't fit that group, so I mentioned to Simon the possibility of me and him recording a few songs at Frank Naughton's studio in Cardiff. We did the session last weekend and this is the result - hopefully more to follow, we've got around another 10 songs.
Right on, guys -- bring on more songs! This is really good.