Friday, June 28, 2019

Date Animals by Lesbian Wallet stoner punk

Date Animals by Lesbian Wallet stoner punk
Date Animals by Lesbian Wallet
LESBIAN WALLET's new album DATE ANIMALS combines the energy and raw guitar work of punk with the heavy fuzz of stoner. This is likely to be one of the most original albums you will hear all year. Besides the fuzz, another thing that sets Lesbian Wallet apart from a pure punk sound is the length of some of the tracks. "Margherita Hack" gets itself right into stoner territory with its length and heavy sound. And the 3-track set at end? Like I said, this is stoner punk. Right on!

Lesbian Wallet is a stoner punk trio from the midlands of Italy. (Down the road from Kavod, in fact.) The band is Francesco Bordoni (Guitar / Vocals), Francesco Mastellone (Bass), and Simone Romagnoli (Drums).

In their own words:
We play a vicious and occasionally experimental brand of rock with stoner, punk and hardcore elements. Our music draws from a variety of influences (Melvins, The Jesus Lizard, Kyuss, Mclusky to name a few), and since our debut 2016 EP “Elk” it has managed to morph into its own raw, nasty thing.

Don't miss Lesbian Wallet's music video for "Date Animals" on YouTube. It was one of the most popular videos in the 1st Annual Fuzzy Film Festival we held a few weeks ago on IGTV so check it out: