Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Satánicos Marihuanos new album Inmerso en El Ande is EPIC heavy psych

Inmerso en El Ande by Satánicos Marihuanos 
Back on 420, one of the tracks on my Blood Moon God comp was the pre-mix version of INMERSO IN EL ANDE by SATÁNICOS MARIHUANOS and the band said the full album was on the way. Today is the day with six tracks and fifty minutes of absolutely top rate heavy psych being delivered. I loved the pre-mix version of Inmerso en El Ande, and the new final version is even better with the addition of effects and ambient sounds. With an emphasis on the "heavy" in heavy psych, these sounds add a layer to the music that is spiritual. As in, yes we have more than killer music -- we have a concept album about life, death, and the ancient language of Peru. Things get very doom in Amaru with one of the best drum solos I've heard in a long time, and then more of those amazing effects. Let's keep it real -- this album is epic!

I asked the band for a little background on the album:
The album has a concept. It is a tribute to nature and to the Andes. Our Peruvian past. Our real gods, sun, moon, and Wiracocha (the giver of life). Amaru (the third track) is "snake" in Quechua, the real language of Peru before the arrival of Spanish. And it represents the dead world in our past religion, because death is a part of life.

SATÁNICOS MARIHUANOS is Guitar - Gabriel Carcelén, Bass - Andrés Silva, Drums - Renato Sauri with additional musicians Tania Duarte - Vocals, Alejandro Cornejo - Ambient Sound, Ursula Inga - Vocals, and Daniel López - Synths & Moogs.

Here is a video I clip I made for the pre-mix (without ambient and sound effects) of Inmerso en El Ande from my 420 comp on Bandcamp: