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NOPERSONA stoner rock from ARGENTINA
NOPERSONA stoner rock from ARGENTINA
Argentina has some of the very best stoner bands out there today, and NOPERSONA is amongst the very best of them. Nopersona is a trio that delivers riffs from hard rock to stoner rock to stoner metal and even a dash of alternative and punk in their catalog of songs. The latest album from Nopersona is a collection of their songs recorded live. Take a listen and scroll down for my interview with the band:

ESCENAS DE VIDAS PASADAS is the most recent studio album from Nopersona:

Nopersona is Nico on vocals and guitar, Pichi on bass, and Chene on drums.

I caught up with Nico a few weeks ago to find out more about NOPERSONA:

Hi man! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me! Tell me how Nopersona got started?
Nopersona formed in 2015 near Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are all from previous bands. 
Nico on vocals and guitar
The albums have a variety of sounds. They are all centered around stoner, but some are more heavy rock, and some are more towards alternative.
Our goal has been to play songs with a variety of sounds, so that is why sometimes you hear us play stoner and sometimes alternative. Also some of our songs are in Spanish and sometimes we sing in English. It all depends on making the song with the right sound.
You will hear stoner riffs in our songs, and sometimes also black metal, and perhaps sometimes even tango. And of course Black Sabbath! 
We like to describe the sound of Nopersona as, "Rock and Roll from the downtown of the Third World." 
Nico on vocals and guitar
What does the band's name "NOPERSONA" come from? What does it represent?
One of our inspirations is the book "1984" by George Orwell. In that book, the government removed dissidents from history and this was the name given to those people. It is like they were never a person, or "no person." 
Chene on drums
Thanks for your time, guys!