Thursday, June 27, 2019

"0" is the new album from SUPER POWER psychedelic stoner music with a conscious

"0" is the new album from SUPER POWER
"0" is the new album from SUPER POWER
It's rare these days, but back in the beginning of the psychedelic music movement, it was a much more common for the music to have a focus on environmental or political issues. Which makes sense because so much of the great psychedelic music came out of folk music, and that was all about awareness, change, and consciousness. So it is very refreshing to hear some great psychedelic music on a new album with themes that remind about the environmental and political issues we face today. "0" is the new album from Finland's SUPER POWER and it is classic psychedelic stoner:

In the band's own words:
Thematically, the album centers around the vices of humanity and negligence of our planet (and each other). This is expressed through a contrast between fast and hard hitting songs and slow paced compositions that take their time with the ears, mind and heart of the listener
And dig that album cover by Steven Yoyada! Right on!

SUPER POWER is from Helsinki, Finland with members: Kalle - Vocals, Kristian - Bass, Olli - Drums, Onni - Guitar, Rasmus Guitar. They have vinyl for "0" so check out their page on Bandcamp: