Monday, March 11, 2019

This Is My Mountain debut track from Withered Fist stoner metal from Ireland

Debut track from Withered Fist -- stoner metal from Ireland music review by Fuzzy Cracklins
This Is My Mountain from Withered Fist

Withered Fist is the new stoner metal band from Ireland featuring the soulful vocals of Carl King (the singer from Two Tales of Woe) and the music of Justin Maloney. And it's pretty epic! Almost nine minutes with the heavy riffs and strong singing to make it work.

This debut track has a real heaviness to it, yet at the same time it has a melody that easily carries it along. And the singing is very clear and strong while being full of emotion at the same time. This is the kind of song you would expect from a more established band.

Withered Fist is from Country Tipperary in Ireland. This Is My Mountain is from their debut EP with two other songs. Check them out on Bandcamp.

Fuzzy digs the heavy metal and bluesy singing of this track so much that it's on this month's Bandcamp compilation Ides of March. It's on pre-release until March 29 but you can listen right here --

You can also hear This Is My Mountain by Withered Fist on Spotify! It's on the Happy Hour with Mrs. Cracklins playlist. Check it out --

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