Monday, March 18, 2019

Ashy Mountains debut EP by Smoothsayer stoner rock from Canada

Ashy Mountains debut EP by Smoothsayer
Ashy Mountains debut EP by Smoothsayer

Very rarely does Fuzzy dig into the lyrics of a song as much as I have with this one; they are pure doom poetry. As a side benefit, the music and vocals completely kick ass, too. So take a listen to the debut EP "Ashy Mountains" from Canada's Smoothsayer:

Here's a quote from the last track, Ashy Mountains / White Trash Gandalf:
He's a mortal man with an immortal soul 
Ancient magic slowly takes control 
"A wizard has no hubris nor any greed. I pay with orcs blood for those drugs I need." 
Yea that's right, this is a song about junkie magician who has seen better days. Much better days. With some hard driving stoner rock and tough vocals to back it up.

So what group dares sing about such things? Smoothsayer out of Red Deer, Alberta.

Smoothsayer formed last year and is a 4 piece stoner rock band comprised of Brady Ryan on guitar, Dallas Mann on vocals, Jacob Beebe on bass, and Zach Selander on drums. I can't say for sure the order matches the picture.

Smoothsayer has some shows coming up so check them out:
April 13th @ The Vat, Red Deer
April 23rd @ The Zoo, Innisfail

Smoothsayer is on Fuzzy's next Bandcamp compilation.  Check them out on Ides of March:

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