Sunday, March 17, 2019

Dream debut EP by Lionhide stoner rock from Finland

Lionhide stoner rock from Finland
Lionhide stoner rock from Finland
DREAM is the debut EP from Finland's Lionhide. Check it out --

Lionhide delivers stoner rock with a 70s garage sound from Finland. There is hard-driving guitars but also a taste of dreamy ("dream" get it??) psychedelia. The groovy album artwork leads you to believe the band will deliver on the psychedelic ... and they do! Plenty of references to trippy Alice in Wonderland stories and ideas.

What I like most about Lionhide is the energy. Sometimes I am in the mood for laid-back music, but sometimes I want to party! Dream by Lionhide is a great flat-out party album. Play this at your next Happy Hour and let the good vibes happen!

As the band says,
“Dream” is made with pinch of 70´s rock and psychedelia, longing for childhood where lifeless toys were alive and talking, and dreams of course!

Lionhide is Suvi Laaninen (vocals), Jaakko Kauppinen (guitar), Riina Suikkanen (bass), Misca Muhli (drums).

You can also listen to Lionhide on Spotify -- use this link if the embedded player is now showing up:

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