Friday, March 22, 2019

La Grande Armée debut EP is stoner psych bliss

La Grande Armée debut EP
La Grande Armée debut EP
If you like your instrumental stoner to have that extra layer of cosmic guitar sound then you have to listen to the debut EP from La Grande Armée:

You know Fuzzy digs stoner, and I dig psych, and always I am into the instrumental. So when you combine all three sounds then I am pretty much getting my mind blown. La Grande Armée delivers psychedelic guitar work on top of a very solid stoner sound. Just play this entire EP on a loop and have a safe trip.

Here's some info the band sent me:
La Grande Armée is a psych rock/instrumental band formed in San Pedro de la Paz, Chile in 2017. The members of the band are Joaquín Landero (drums and percussion), Juan Carlos Márquez (guitars) and Frank, the Franker (bass). Together they make this astronomic experience of sounds and sensations from the 70s come to life. Landero and Márquez started experimenting with sounds in the summer of 2010, creating a number of music projects. During this period, Frank was also working with other bands. After a few months of rehearsal, La Grande Armée recorded its first EP in February 2018 with Ático Records LTDA record label and it was released in January 28th, 2019. Nowadays, the band is on the songwriting process for their LP record.
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