Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Last Second by Their Methlab stoner rock from Greece

The Last Second by Their Methlab stoner rock from Greece
The Last Second by Their Methlab
A quick glance at Fuzzy's collection on Bandcamp will show you how much I dig instrumental music in general, and heavy psych specifically. And we all know how much great stoner music comes from Greece. So when the guys in Their Methlab told me about their new album, I was definitely eager to listen to it. You should listen to it too:

Oh yea...... this is very groovy! Their Methlab can serve up the psychedelia in heavy doses, or they can deliver it in mellow slices. Arctic Funk starts of strong, gets a little pensive and melancholy, but cranks up the heavy bass and guitar work again well before it's done.

There are several themes going on with the songs on THE LAST SECOND. Of course you are getting the heavy stoner sound, with the psychedelic guitar work on top of that, but also there are places where you get that blending of the two and Their Methlab achieves a very nice desert sound. They way these guys take you from one sound to another in such a smooth fashion might be what I enjoy about them the most.

There are a few places where Their Methlab gets into prog metal and progressive psychedelic sounds, for example in the middle and end of A Call To Arms. I really dig that. The heaviness combined with the fast-paced and excellent guitar work just sounds incredible. There are even some time changes to give it that proggy sound. If you need your stoner music to be super chill all the way through, like a drive along a smooth desert highway, then maybe these tracks might not be your thing. But if you don't mind doing a little bit of 4x4 off-roading then Their Methlab is surely going to please your ears.

If fact, here is how Their Methlab describes their music:
This region of the country (Athens, Greece) thrives with post-apocalyptic-like nature scenery, face melting wind melodies and almighty mountains. This landscape, our way of life as students and the music scene of the city, were the first influences that formed the core of the band. Our music emerged in the form of long, heavy, groovy, psy jams.
One thing that is important to me is to be able to start an album, and just let it play right through to the end. That is definitely the way you can listen to THE LAST SECOND by Their Methlab.

Their Methlab started in 2011 and are from Athens, Greece.

The Last Second by Their Methlab is a really top rate instrumental stoner psych album! Check it out at one of the links below.

You can listen to Their Methlab on Fuzzy's Ides of March compilation of heavy underground music:

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