Monday, March 11, 2019

One Earth One Bong by EARTHBONG slow stoner doom riffs music review by Fuzzy Cracklins

One Earth One Bong by EARTHBONG slow stoner doom riffs music review by Fuzzy Cracklins
One Earth One Bong by EARTHBONG
Do you like your doom doomy? and your slow heavy riffs slow? Then EARTHBONG has the music you need to hear! Their sound is slow and heavy and mostly instrumental. How slow and heavy? Take a listen --

Some very nice low rumbling vocals, and some very choice samples. All laid over those slow heavy riffs. Pack a bowl and start listening.

What is so great about One Earth One Bong is how long and heavy these tracks are. Nothing is less than 13 minutes on here. More than enough time to prepare your medications, take your medications, let them take a hold of you mind, and still have plenty of time left over to have a safe flight into outer space. Or inner space.

EARTHBONG is a three-piece heavy rock stoner doom band from Kiel, Germany. The band was founded in May 2018 by bassist/vocalist Selly, guitarist Ogo and drummer Tommy. Unsatisfied with the lack of heaviness in their other bands they started writing songs after a few jams and released a two-song Demo in September, which shows the direction the band is heading towards: slow and heavy riffing combined with some sludgy vocals that come crawling out of the noise sometimes. Their debut record, "One Earth One Bong" came out December 22nd 2018 containing four uncompromisingly heavy songs, each of them riff- and weed worshipping in another way, a loud and slow prayer to the unknown beyond the smoke.
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Fuzzy is pleased to announce Earthbong dropped a track on this month's Bandcamp compilation. You can hear the whole album right here -- and there's a lot of great music on it!

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