Monday, March 11, 2019

Into The Wilderness by The King's Pistol

It's not all doom and gloom here in The Swamp. Especially when Happy Hour rolls around. Mrs. Cracklins mixes the cocktails, I drink them, and we fire up the 1984 vintage stereo with the big speakers that somehow still work. A recent discovery we made in our wanderings around on Instagram has been a trio out of northwest England named The King's Pistol. If I hadn't spoiled it already, you might think these guys were from The South as in USA.

Or in their own words,

A unique blend of twisted-folk, country-punk, Americana and rock n' roll

Take a listen to The King's Pistol playlist on Spotify -- (use this link if you don't see the embedded player)

Their sound is all their own but at the same time if you love that folk and southern rock sound then you know what you are in for. Mix up a few drinks, kick back, and enjoy the tunes.

Andy, Julian, and Jim
The King's Pistol is Andy on bass, Jim on drums and slide guitar, and Julian aka The Pistol on vocals and guitar.

The King's Pistol plays plenty of shows in their area so if you are near Chesire be sure to check them out.

Their new single "Evil Spirits" drops this Friday, with the new album out next month. Stay in touch with The King's Pistol at ....

You can catch The King's Pistol track "Pistol Whipped" on Fuzzy's The Heavy South which drops on April 5.

Listen to The King's Pistol on the Happy Hour with Mrs. Cracklins playlist on Spotify along with other music to rock out and chill to.

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