Saturday, February 2, 2019

Brain Science by Black Market Drugs punk psych

Brain Science by Black Market Drugs punk psych
Brain Science by Black Market Drugs (cover by Steven Yoyada)
Brain Science is the debut album from West Covina, California's Black Market Drugs. Stream their new album and read the Fuzzy Cracklins review of this punk psychedelic album after the jump.....

Hit that PLAY button and listen along. You are going to dig this debut album a lot. Right off the sound is mix of fast riffy punk, piled on top of a huge wall of fuzz, and vocals delivered with echo and doom. The stoner smoke gets into everything, too. Riffy, doomy, stoner and psych all in one album! Like I said, I dig it.

OK let's break it down.... Psychedelic Savant starts things off and just in case you arrived at the wrong album, you are immediately informed with a sample that there are spacey waters ahead. Then the fuzz drops and the brain work begins. The bass and drums start to pummel, and then the vocals with echo effects hit your head from the other side to catch your brain in a sonic whipsaw. This track really gets things going. The combination of the heavy fuzz and the spacey vocals is what I find so appealing about Black Market Drugs.

Next up is the title track. Brain Science is the essence of Black Market Drugs' sound. Hence the whole title track thing, right. I dig this track so much I asked the guys if we could include it on Dr. Greenthumb's Psychedelic Circus my comp of all fuzzy, hard, acid, and neo psychedelic tracks. They are all super fresh too so go check it out.

Stalking Shadows in Pursuit delivers more heavy riffs, with a nice long spaced-out ending. Dig it.

Cannibus Fortress starts off a little more mellow than the other tracks. But don't worry, your brain isn't getting a break. Just wait until Don't Hex Me, Bro hits you. I like that when an album has sort of peaks and valleys to the sound. Picks you, then drops you down. And pummels you a little bit while you're writhing around on the floor.  Messy Breakdown and Hungry Predators wrap things up. 40 minutes well spent!

And then there's the samples .... these fit in with the sound of the music so well, and of course these are always hilarious too. Really great treatment here.

You noticed the awesome cover, right? It's so awesome because one of the best-known stoner album artists did it up. Check out Steven Yoyada's work over on Instagram.

Black Market Drugs (left to right): Joey (glasses, bass), Kane (Lurch, drums), Toni (beard, guitar/vocals)

40 minutes of fresh fuzzy stoner psych. You can't go wrong at Name Your Price on Bandcamp so go check it out and support a new band.

For sure if you are in So Cal you will want to hit these guys at a show, so follow Black Market Drugs on Instagram to stay in the loop.