Saturday, October 3, 2020

Psych blues rock "Stonelake sessions" EP from JERICO


When THE ELECTRIC STONER talks, Fuzzy listens! He plugged Fuzzy into Jerico and he said I would dig the Finnish duo's unique blend of stoner, blues, and psych. And so will you! Check out JERICO on Bandcamp: 

"Heavy Smoke" is the slowest and most bluesy of the three songs, and makes for a great opener. It gives the rest of the EP a chance to build upon its foundation, and the lyrics are especially poignant for old Fuzzy who has been living under a smoke cloud in California for the past two months. 

"Others (won't dare to go)" heats things up as it gets into more psych rock territory, but the killer guitar work and vocals are still in place. The use of layered vocals really works on this song, some drifting in the background, some in the foreground, while the drums keep things steady throughout. 

"Kadut" holds onto the psychedelia but fuzzes things out as it swerves into the desert. And the vocals change into Finnish which sound absolutely fantastic. They really add to the other-worldliness when you can't understand the words. 

So with just 3 songs, Jerico demonstrates not only a master of 3 styles of stoner music, but bring a unique sound to each of them. Fuzzy can't recommend Jerico's "Stonelake sessions" highly enough. The Electric Stoner was right!

From the band:

Jerico is a Finnish studio project formed by two longtime friends. The idea behind Jerico is to do-it-yourself as much as possible and to find interesting locations for composing and recording, which creates a unique theme for every release.

Jerico's music is its own kind of mixture of fuzzy stoner blues and desert rock, which has somehow atmospheric and psychedelic atmosphere.

Follow Jerico band on Bandcamp to stay in the loop with their news and music at

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