Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Nusantara Doom Metal "Berdoa" from BERDOSA


Nusantara Doom Metal "Berdoa" from BERDOSA

The new album "Berdoa" from BERDOSA lays down the fuzz with 8 heavy tracks. Fuzzy digs the blend of stoner doom, groove metal, sludge & clean vocals, and of course -- fuzz! Berdosa delivers a high-energy, original sound with some of the best vocals I've heard in a while.  Berdosa calls their sound "Nusantara Doom Metal" and you'll call it "Awesome Heavy Fuzz!" Check out "Berdoa" from Bandcamp:

Fuzzy's Favorite: This is a solid album all the way through, with "Bonetongue" capturing the band's vocals and fuzz along with some epic guitar work. "Left Hand of God" is epic instrumental, first starting acoustic and building up to a wall of fuzz. And dig the Malaysian lyrics on the final song. Right on!

The CD is available directly from the band. Contact berdosaband@gmail.com

Berdosa band is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with members:
  • Afiq Iskandar on vocals and guitar
  • Ezekiel Mavani on bass 
  • Ravi Shankar on Drums
From the band:
Malaysian stoner doom band, Berdosa would like to announce the release of their latest album which is currently available for sale in CD and digital streaming formats.

In 2017, three guys from the Malaysian peninsular plugged into a few fuzz pedals, tuned their guitars one and half steps down, collected the heaviest snare and cymbals they could find and inadvertently created a gateway to the spectral plane of Nusantara Doom Metal. They later called themselves Berdosa.   

Follow BERDOSA band on Bandcamp at https://berdosa.bandcamp.com.

Watch the official lyric video for "Crutch for the Weak" on YouTube:

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