Thursday, October 8, 2020

Slavic Stoner Rock "At The Bottom Of The Sea" by ACHACHAK


Slavic Stoner Rock debut album "At The Bottom Of The Sea" by ACHACHAK

If you dig Leonard Cohen, stop reading now and immediately get over to Bandcamp to buy "At The Bottom Of The Sea" by ACHACHAK. Deep vocals, slow riffs, and lyrics that speak from the heart of an anguished soul will leave you impressed how the stoner genre can be used as the foundation for such serious and devastating music. Check out "At The Bottom Of The Sea" by ACHACHAK on Bandcamp: 

The album starts off quietly enough, but "Ride All Alone" is really more of an overture than a song in the same style as the rest of the album. Because in "Truth," the tone and intent kick into high gear, and it's a menacing kick. Slow, burning, vocals with screams in the background. At this point you realize the album is going to take (drag?) you along with it, as the singer (narrator?) tells you about his burdens. 

"My Inner Peace" includes a wailing guitar solo that seems to build forever until the song suddenly ends. Watch the video for "My Inner Peace" on YouTube:

"Metaphorically Speaking" starts with the sound of rain, as if the singer is sitting on his porch and decides to hit the tape player to record his music along with his anguish. And it turns into a raw, bluesy rocker. 

The antagonist's self-examination continues with "Kill The Toxic Ego," but he seems to have moved on from self-loathing towards action, as the title suggest. This one might be my favorite song on the album, which is saying a lot. 

The next two songs continue with the blues-infused desert rock, and the album ends with a sort of outro with the acoustic "Last Man Standing" which wraps up the narrator's story and ties together the themes set out in the album. 

This is not an album which lets itself drift into the background. It grabs your attention, and holds onto it for 40 minutes. "At The Bottom Of The Sea" by ACHACHAK is a serious album and will surely impress you with its sophisticated approach, stripped-down sound, and heartfelt vocals. Really excellent music, theme, and production.

The band calls their style "Slavic Stoner Rock" or rather, "loud spiritual stoner music" which I agree with!

From the band: 

Eight tracks from these young founders of a new genre called "SSR"(Slavic Stoner Rock) came from dusty and smoked studios, surrounded by three mountains, fresh and cold air, a large lake and homemade spirits. 

Achachak (Achachak meaning “Spirit“, of Native American origin) is a Croatian stoner rock - metal band from Vučipolje, Croatia. Achachak was originally formed in 1999 by „Milo” (vocals & guitar) & his brother „Miro” (drums). However, the band considers 2020. as its official year of formation when the kids are releasing their debut record „At the bottom of the sea.”

ACHACHAK band is from Vučipolje, Croatia with members: 

  • Lemi – Guitars & Vocals
  • Jopa – Bass guitar & Vocals
  • Tonko - Drums
  • Slavic Stoner Rock

Follow ACHACHAK band on Bandcamp at

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