Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Psych rock "Desert Revelations" by JAMES BUTTON BAND


Psych rock "Desert Revelations" by JAMES BUTTON BAND

With a band like THE LANCASTERS in The Swamp, it ain't no secret that Fuzzy digs psych rock. So when JAMES BUTTON BAND sent me their new psych rock album, "Desert Revelations" you know I was down to dig it. As in, Fuzzy TOTALLY digs it! Every song has a catchy riff, layered vocals, and that magic blend of psychedelic and rock that only a band with a love for late 60s "Cosmic American Music" (as the band says) or music from the later Beatles albums (Fuzzy's take on James Button Band). Dig "Desert Revelations" by JAMES BUTTON BAND for yourself on Bandcamp:

Fuzzy's Favorite: OK this is a tough choice, since all 7 tracks are solid psych rock. I would say the organ and guitar work in "Good day, time" are absolute psych rock magic, and for a flat-out riffy rocker, Fuzzy's choice is "Powderhorn Blues." No wait -- "Hot Burrito #4" has that slow, bluesy sound which can sometimes be captured so well by psych rock. Or what about the boogie woogie of "Quarantine Days" ? OK, I can't really pick one favorite ... but I'm glad to play this album from start to finish, and then over again. 

"Desert Revelations" by JAMES BUTTON BAND is easily one of the best psych rock albums of the year. 

James Button Band is from Szczecinek, Poland with members: 

  • Jakub Legan - guitar, lead vocals
  • KArolina Baworowska - bass, hammond organ, piano
  • Kamil Kondała - drums, backing vocals

From the band: 

Rock'n'Roll band from Szczecinek (Poland), founded in 2012.  Their music combines Rock, Blues, Psychedelic Rock and Progressive Rock. Inspirations are late 60's/70's and a present day's vibrations. 

Since 2018, they direct their music to listeners outside their country. This year, due to the lockdown, the band locked themselves in the studio and used the concert adrenaline in their studio work. The resulting album combines the inspiration of Cosmic America Music, created by artist Gram Parsons, with their own raw Rock'n'Roll.

The band has a CD available. Contact the band at

Follow JAMES BUTTON BAND on Bandcamp at

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