Sunday, February 9, 2020

Stoner rock STONUS is back with new album "Aphasia" on March 6

"Aphasia" from Stonus on March 6
"Aphasia" from Stonus drops on March 6
The stoners of Cyprus are back with their new album and it delivers more of the heavy riffs, clean guitars, and smooth vocals that filled their debut EP. It's been over a year since the debut EP from STONUS, and on March 6 they will drop their first full album called "Aphasia" which delivers the signature desert rock sound we heard from the EP delivered this time with a fuller, more mature sound. I've heard the 7 tracks and I'm glad to report they will be getting the vinyl they deserve.

While the new album "Aphasia" delivers the same stoner rock with layers of psych that we heard on their EP, this new effort also brings a new level of maturity. The songs are fuller and more developed and overall have a more somber and serious tone about them. This is a band that is growing into their sound and I really dig it!

I dig the flow of the album with its heavier songs blended with more psychedelic sounds, and if I have to pick a favorite song, I would go with the final track "Ghost Town" because it captures everything this band has going for it: desert rock that is perfect for any stoned-out party.

Stonus is from Cyprus along with the members:
  • Vocals: Kyriacos Frangoulis
  • Lead Guitar: Pavlos Demetriou
  • Rhythm Guitar: Nicky Ray
  • Bass: Andreas Aristides
  • Drums: Kotsios Demetriades
From the band:
The Debut Album "Aphasia" is  41:43 minutes fully analog from the Cypriot Heavy rockers Stonus, recorded mixed and mastered at Wreck it Sounds Studios in Corinth, Greece under the supervision of George Leodis. The LP will be released on vinyl through Electric Valley Records and CD Digipack through Daredevil Records.
Album release is on March 6.

Pre-orders start on Feb. 13 for the vinyl. Follow Stonus on Bandcamp to stay on top of their news:

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