Sunday, February 9, 2020

Indie rockers 10 NO. 6 are back with new EP "Casual Boy"

10 NO. 6 new EP "Casual Boy"
10 NO. 6 new EP "Casual Boy"
UK indie rockers 10 NO. 6 are back with a new EP "Casual Boy" with three tracks of energetic party music. This band captures their live club sound in their albums and makes you want to catch them live. Ripping guitar work, great vocals, and just a flat-out good time. Check out "Casual Boy" on Bandcamp:

Fuzzy's favorite: Gone So Long

10 No. 6 is:

  • Lizzie Gormley - Vocals
  • Nick Jones - Lead Guitar
  • Matthew Witherstone - Rhythm Guitar
  • Sean Davies - Bass
  • James Griffiths - Drums

Follow 10 No. 6 on Bandcamp and Facebook to stay up on their news and show dates: 

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