Sunday, February 9, 2020

Desert rock COBRA THIEF "Animal Oxygen"

Desert rock COBRA THIEF "Animal Oxygen"
Desert rock COBRA THIEF "Animal Oxygen"
Fuzzy is embarrassed to admit I have not heard COBRA THIEF before, but I'll catch up by saying their sound floats along the dividing line between heavy psych and stoner rock in a way that is definitely unique and that I really dig! Yesterday was the first warm day of the year here in The Swamp, so me and Mrs. Cracklins knocked back a few stiff ones out on the patio while we let our neighbors listen to this at maximum volume, and they loved it! And so did we! Check out "Animal Oxygen" from Cobra Thief:

We enjoyed the album so much we played it again this morning to see how to sounds while sober, and it still sounds great. I gotta say, it is the rare album that everyone in the Cracklins Clan can agree on, but this is one of them.

This album is one fuzzy heavy hitter after the next, and the best is saved for last with "Graveyard Earth" which can only be described as a stoner psych anthem. The tone, the length, the lyrics, the fuzz..... this is a great song.

Every song just knocks it out of the park. After each heavy hitter, I was expecting a song that took a little breather, but nope -- the next one is just as hard and loud as the others. Fuzzy digs this album!


  • Charlie: Bass/Vocals
  • Kevin: Drums
  • Paul: Guitar/Vocals

From the band:
Cobra Thief is a perfect mix of Kyuss, Soundgarden and Mountain. Deep, spaced out Rock’N’Roll since 2017.
Be sure to follow the band on Bandcamp to stay up on their news.

Get the vinyl at Cobra Thief's Bandcamp page or from their web site:

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