Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Blues psych JACKIE TREEHORN AVE. dreamy debut album "Nervous Breakdown Blues"

"Nervous Breakdown Blues" debut album from JACKIE TREEHORN AVE.
"Nervous Breakdown Blues" debut album from JACKIE TREEHORN AVE. 
Fans of The Swamp's THE LANCASTERS know that Fuzzy digs psych rock. A lot. So here's the debut album from JACKIE TREEHORN AVE. with the groovy guitar work and mellow riffs any fan of psychedelic music will dig.  Check out "Nervous Breakdown Blues" on Bandcamp:

"Devil Whisper" cranks up the energy after the first couple of tracks, and is the catchiest song on the album. This song really wraps up the band's sound with the vocals that float over the swirling guitars and mellow riffs, and its ripping solo at the end.

"Ozzy's Game" highlights the band's unique vocal style. Guitarist Tom Warren sings lead with a mellow, relaxed style, and bassist Selena Wallace provides the background singing, sometimes in lo-fi. The balance of the two singers adds a wonderful layer of sound to these songs, and help to give this band its unique psychedelic sound.

The album has a wonderful balance and flow to the music, and be sure to stick around to the very end so you don't miss the extended jam in "Lysergic Holiday." Right on!

Fans of psych rock with solid blues roots will find a lot to enjoy on "Nervous Breakdown Blues" so follow the band Bandcamp to stay in touch with their music.

JACKIE TREEHORN AVE. is from Italy with the members:
  • Tom Warren - Guitar and Vocal
  • Selena Wallace - Bass and Vocal
  • Drugo Lebowski - Drums

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