Friday, January 31, 2020

Heavy rock MOLTEN HIGH delivers "Bullfrog" for your next party

Fuzzy has been to Jersey. Fuzzy has partied in Jersey. Hard. MOLTEN HIGH is from Jersey. I didn't ask the band for an interview, but their debut album "Bullfrog" is the next best thing. This high-octane party soundtrack says what an interview couldn't anyway, unless the band was going to play it live. This album is pure energy from start to finish and it's here to power your next party. You supply the beer and weed and pizza, and let Molten High deliver the hard rock tunes. Check out "Bullfrog" from Molten High:

Fuzzy always says, an album has gotta sound good from start to finish to count as good album. And "Bullfrog" does it with its rocket-launch first couple of tracks, a slight detour to take a breather in the middle, and then brings it home with an explosive finish. These dudes know how to party and deliver your next party's soundtrack.

You'll catch some fun lyrics ready to smack down social media and modern life in general on "T.S.A." and "Shut Up" not that you'll be sober enough at your party to understand them.

There's some really great solo guitar work and top rate production throughout. This one rips! Go get Bullfrog by Molten High.

Molten High is from Hoboken with members:

  • Dave Calamoneri - Bass & vocals
  • Bill Hamilton - Guitar & vocals
  • Chuck Tumulty - Drums & vocals
  • Doug Vannoni - Guitar & vocals

From the band:
Our sound is inspired by bands like Fu Manchu, Clutch, Kyuss, Melvins. We self-released our debut LP called "Bullfrog" in November.  Eight tracks of sludgy stoner goodness.  We tracked and mixed it with Mike Moebius at Moonlight Mile Recording (Natur, Pilgrim, Kings Destroy all worked with Mike too).

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