Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Grunge psych "Lustitia" by T'SUN on Big Wood Records

"Lustitia" by T'SUN on Big Wood Records
"Lustitia" by T'SUN on Big Wood Records
T'SUN is a solo instrumental grunge psych band that recently released "Lustitia" on Big Wood Records. It's nearly 30 minutes over 2 tracks that deliver a very mellow and engaging set of songs. There is a melody that ties them together in a slow pace that makes this album a great choice when you need to hear something more on the relaxing side, or in the background while you're focusing elsewhere. There's a smattering of sound effects to lend to the chill atmosphere. Take a break with "Lustitia" by T'SUN:

Lustitia was written, produced, recorded by Brandon Welch. From the band:
This Album is the audible story of  life before and after  tragedy. Part1 touching on the weeks and months of optimism  and tranquility that life can offer you moments before it decides to challenge you. Part2 opening with a loud crash followed by a new level of emotion. Not as upbeat and social. Part2 carries a moody less hopeful, darker undertone than Part1 initially presents. During the recovery process of silence we find find a new sound to push us forward. We need to find patience and an even darker moment of silence before the music finds us once again. This album finish with hope truth and the feeling of wanting more......
BIG WOOD RECORDS is a new label in the PNW focusing on unsigned local bands. Check out their roster at the link below which includes TOAST who have a track on Fuzzy's Psychedelic Circus digital compilation on Bandcamp. There is a lot of musical talent up there so it's great that Big Wood Records is giving their music a home and the support it deserves.

From the label:
Our main goal at Big Wood is to share, promote and help facilitate our artists into becoming the best versions of themselves. We like to think of ourselves as a hands on team Helping  our artists when needed from writer's block to lyrics, bookings, promos, recordings, album art,  etc... We are a full platform creative agency providing a forward  moving direction for all our artists. We welcome all local music and artists musicians to reach out and allow us at Big Wood Records to help assist you in your musical journey.


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