Thursday, January 30, 2020

Stoner psych Hanging Gardens by Stones Of Babylon is superb

Hanging Gardens by Stones Of Babylon
Hanging Gardens by Stones Of Babylon
The debut stoner psych album "Hanging Gardens" from STONES OF BABYLON is an instrumental joy to the ears. This album has a blend of swirling psychedlics mixed with heavy riffs that instantly transports your mind to the desert where it can wander amongst the cactus and peyote. This album has gotten a lot of plays here in The Swamp since it was released last month. Check out "Hanging Gardens" from Stones of Babylon:

There is a wonderful sonic flow to the album. Things start off heavy with the first track, get heavier with my favorite song "Coffee Arabica" then chill out with the middle title, and wind things back up to finish off the album. I'm not sure how the band is going to top this album, but I can't wait to find out!

The CD is available from the Stones of Babylon Bandcamp page.

Stones of Babylon is from Portugal with members:
  • Guitar - Pawel Nowak
  • Bass - João Medeiros
  • Drums - Pedro Branco

From the band:
Portuguese band from the milennarian city Lisbon, plenty of cosmic inspiration, with one foot in the past, another in the future, the head in the present and the expanding soul, like the universe ...
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