Thursday, January 2, 2020

Stoner fuzz & heavy psych DENIZEN new album "High Winds Preacher"

Stoner fuzz DENIZEN new album "High Winds Preacher"

DENIZEN is a fuzzed-out stoner 4-piece from southern France with a new album of heavy music that barely fits onto a vinyl. "High Winds Preacher" delivers non-stop desert stoner with more than enough groovy fuzz and heavy psych to please any fan of stoner music. Check out Denizen's "High Winds Preacher":

Fuzzy's favorite picks are "The Beast" which is slower with a nice long burn, and "Chasing the Guru" which captures the band's sound at its best. Overall this is a very solid album with fuzz on top of fuzz and killer vocals. Dig it!

Denizen's "High Winds Preacher" vinyl and CD are available from Argonauta Records at this link.

FFO: The Black Angels.

Denizen is:

  • Fabien Aletto : Vocals
  • Yann Chinette : Guitars
  • Andreas Goumy : Drums
  • Colin Trognée : Bass

From the band: 
Denizen is a Stoner/Heavy Rock band formed in the South of France between Montpellier and Sète. We played a lot of shows everywhere in France and shared the stage with bands like Mars Red Sky, Yawning Man, MaidaVale, Glowsun, The Re-Stoned, Steak, Black Rainbows, Lo Pan, Abrahma, Mother Engine, Doctor Doom


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