Saturday, September 8, 2018

Live at the Globe by Moon Goose album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Live at the Globe by Moon Goose
Live at the Globe by Moon Goose

Live at the Globe is the second EP from UK group Moon Goose. And while they call their music psychedelic, don't think it is going to lull you into a dreamy haze of contemplation. These tunes have a lot of trippy energy. Stream it for free and read Fuzzy Cracklin's music review of the instrumental psychedelic album Live at the Globe by Moon Goose below....

Check out the first track Second Life --

The phrase that comes to my mind to describe this track is "high-energy psych." Well, "spacey instrumental" comes to mind, too. Just not the kind of spacey that puts you to sleep.

And the sound only kicks up in the next track --

The sound quality of the live recording is really excellent. You might not know this was live if not for the applause and the sound of the fans at the club.

Things get back to more of a chill and full-on space mode in the third track:

And the live EP wraps up with --

What's the secret to these groovy yet energetic psych tunes? The five guys in the band jam in their UK goose barn, and then refine the jams into polished songs.

My only gripe? It's not really a gripe ... just a wish there were more tracks! So the solution is simple -- just put the album on REPEAT and let it keep going.

Check out Moon Goose's debut EP, too --

Antoine from the band let me know that Moon Goose's first full LP is in the works -- so stay tuned!

Live at the Globe is free to stream, or download it on Bandcamp.

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