Wednesday, September 12, 2018

RZMNR s/t album review by Fuzzy Cracklins


I'm always on the hunt for fresh crawdaddies, and fresh instrumental tunes. My crawdad pot is already full so I'm good there, and I just found RZMNR's self-titled EP on Bandcamp so my ears are now full of fuzzy, stoner-y, doomy riffs. Stream it for free and read Fuzzy Cracklin's album review of the instrumental stoner album RZMNR self-titled below....

I dig all these tracks. Each song has its own heavy melody and sludgy sound, but there is a nice flow to the entire album. Sort of like the soundtrack for Lord of the Rings, except only for the scenes in Mordor or under the Misty Mountains. If I had to pick a "featured track" for my Bandcamp comment (and I do have to pick a featured track for my Bandcamp comment) then I would pick Pallándø.

The wizards of RZMNR

Maxim (the drummer) got at me with some info about the EP. He says the first two tracks (Alatar and Pallando) are played together in their live gigs since they flow together, and also those are the Elvish names of two wizards who form a wizard super duo in the Tolkien world.

You might have noticed that each track title is the Elvish name of a wizard from Tolkein's Lord of the Rings.  Let's break down these wizards:
  1. Alatar is a blue wizard (
  2. Pallando is another blue wizard (
  3. Curunir is another name for the evil Saruman (
  4. Radagast helped in the fight against Sauron although he was not in the movies (
  5. Mithrandir is Gandalf's name in Elvish (

The wizards are revealed: left to right: Ruben, Maxim, Yannick

RZMNR is a three-piece from Antwerp that started jamming a few years ago before they hit the studio early this year to record their self-titled EP. The members are Maxim on drums, Yannick on guitars and Ruben on bass.

RZMNR is just under half an hour so put this one on REPEAT. Stream and support RZMNR on Bandcamp.

Get at me with your comments and tell me what to drop next.