Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fukkengrüven by Zero-day-wareZ (album review) by Fuzzy Cracklins

Fukkengrüven by Zero-day-wareZ
Fukkengrüven by Zero-day-wareZ

Just a short post to give you all a heads-up on the quick follow-up to Zero-day-wareZ's debut album from last month (read my post on it here). Listen for free and read Fuzzy Cracklin's music review of the instrumental funk metal album Fukkengrüven by Zero-day-wareZ below....

Mike dug back through the jam tapes and found enough material for a second album. It's almost an hour of instrumental funk and groove metal for stoners. I really dug the debut album and after a couple of spins this album sounds even groovier and funkier than the first!

Check out Fukkengrüven by Zero-day-wareZ:

That's almost an hour of groovy funky instrumental stoner tracks right here! Stream and support Zero-day-wareZ on Bandcamp:

Leave a comment to let me know what you think of Zero-day-wareZ's new album Fukkengrüven. And contact me if you have something for me to check out.