Friday, September 7, 2018

Saturno Grooves -- Solar Hawk album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Saturno Grooves -- Solar Hawk
Saturno Grooves -- Solar Hawk

One of the (many) crazy things about America is the geography. In less than a day, you can drive from the mostly-water lowland swamps of Lafayette, Louisiana to the mile-high arid desert in Durango, Colorado. Listen for free and read Fuzzy Cracklin's music review of the desert rock stoner album Solar Hawk by Saturno Grooves below....

But that is not the Durango with which we are concerned. Today's Durango is in Mexico. Yes, the home of Saturno Grooves. (And now that I am looking at the map it seems that both Durangos are about the same distance from the bayou.)

So let's check out the latest album from Saturno Grooves -- Solar Hawk --

Beaumont gets things off to a loud and heavy start. The riffs kick in immediately and the track just gets fuzzier and heavier as it rocks on.

Let's check out the title track --

That is a lot of heavy stoner music coming out of these three guys. The album ends with Red Sun Arising --

This is some serious desert rock right here. I absolutely love this whole album. It is simply a giant groove from start to finish. 35 minutes of desert rock bliss, with a dash of psych thrown in.

Saturno Grooves

So who are the guys behind this excellent stoner album? Jose Peyro is on guitar, Oscar Cisneros on bass, and Adolfo Solis on drums. They've been rocking it down in Durango since 2013. Check out their full discography on Bandcamp.

When I asked why Saturno Grooves chose to leave the vocals off the tracks, Peyro told me that the band talked it over and felt they would leave it to the listener to interpret their music in any way they like.

Peyro has a stoner doom project on the side as well -- go and check out Sementales Salvajes for more hard rocking tunes.

Looking for more stoner music from Mexico? Be sure to check out the excellent Doomed & Stoned collection. You won't be surprised to find tracks from both Saturno Grooves and Sementales Salvajes on there amidst hours of great tracks.

You still can't get enough Mexican riffs? Then don't miss another compilation Underground in México 2017 which also has tracks from both Saturno Grooves and Sementales Salvajes.

And I just remembered that shortly after I bought Solar Hawk, I was sitting in my backyard and enjoying a nice quiet afternoon with a few cervezas. Then one of my neighbors just had to play Taylor Swift. So to teach them a lesson, I turned up Solar Hawk very loud and we had a great time!

Head on over to Bandcamp and get Solar Hawk from Saturno Grooves -- pronto!

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