Wednesday, September 5, 2018


The cool gators already know that it's all about the instrumental music around here. But let us not forget the Golden Rule:

"Fuzzy Cracklins will listen to anything once."

So I'm glad that Flavio from OOPArt hit me up to give their debut EP a listen. Their music is definitely my style (a blend of heavy blues, stoner, psych, hard rock) and while I would normally pass on tracks with vocals, I have to say these guys have a unique singing style & sound that goes very well with their music. Take a listen to OOPArt EP by OOPArt and read Fuzzy Cracklin's music review below.....

Andrea sings the vocals on the first two tracks, and then Flavio comes in on the next two, including --

You can hear how distinctive the vocals are, and what a good match they make for these heavy tunes. The vocals (especially on Jupiter's Moons) have a slightly lo-fi sound, and the Italian accent on the English lyrics gives a lot of weight to these psychedelic tracks.

OOPArt is Andrea Ruggeri, Valerio Rossini, and Flavio Mattia Marini
Let's jump in with the full band roster: Flavio Mattia Marini - guitar & vocal, Andrea Ruggeri - bass & vocal, and Valerio Rossini - drums. And if you hadn't already figured out from the singing, the band is from Rome.

The fifth and final track on the EP is Tornado --

Which brings us to the Second Golden Rule:

"Fuzzy Cracklins cannot pass up a good sound clip."

I had to ask Flavio where the sound bytes are from on Tornado, and he told me they are from a video of people using social media during tornados in the US. I like it so much that I added it to my list of best sound clip tracks.

Head over to OOPArt's Bandcamp page and give these heavy psych rockers some of your support.

Flavio tells me they are working on their second album -- sounds good to me! I'm still waiting to find a track with sound clips from Swamp Thing :)

Remember the golden rules! And hit me up in the comments if you have an album for me to check out.

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