Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Praise the Sun "IN: Thermoglobal Endpoint (Remastered)" heavy metal

Praise the Sun "IN: Thermoglobal Endpoint (Remastered)" heavy metal

Fuzzy loves a remaster! It's like getting your house remodeled -- you already love the place, but want to make it better. A remaster is also a chance for a band to re-introduce a great album to their fans. PRAISE THE SUN just released "IN: Thermoglobal Endpoint (Remastered)" so here's your chance to get acquainted with this collection of 8 heavy metal tracks from the glaciers of Norway. Listen on Bandcamp: 

Overall, it's the vocals that take front stage, with their sinister, fuzzed-out, hazy approach. They are a hallmark of the band's sound. But don't stop there! Dig a little deeper and the drum lines and  guitar riffs will reward your doom bone. There's a nice variety too, from classic sabbath worship ("...of the Pallid Mask") to hints of eastern flair (such as in "Temple of Lukos"). 

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Reunion" might not be the most representative track in relation to the other songs, but I really dig the riff on this one, and it makes for a great album closer.  

Praise The Sun band hails from Norway. 

Follow Praise The Sun on Bandcamp and listen to "IN: Thermoglobal Endpoint (Remastered)" at

The band will release a new EP on October 21 titled "Alchemical Slave: Omen of Fire" with 4 new tracks. Be sure to follow the band to get news about the release. 

Another recent remaster you should check out is "Electric Children: The Final Cut" by MERLIN. Listen at

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