Monday, October 18, 2021

KENTUCKY GREEN Southern rock debut album "Galactic Acid"

KENTUCKY GREEN Southern rock debut album "Galactic Acid"

Fuzzy missed a great release from earlier this year, so let's catch up with KENTUCKY GREEN and their debut album "Galactic Acid". These guys sound straight out of 70s Alabama (or should I say, Kentucky?), despite actually be from Australia. Heavy riffs, killer vocals, epic drumming, and over 50 minutes of high octane music. Listen to Galactic Acid by Kentucky Green on Bandcamp:

Kentucky Green really grooves in a tight formation, so I'm guessing they've played together a lot since their formation in 2019.  When a band plays together this well, it's not really necessary to point out any member in particular, but I gotta say, some of the guitar solos are just epic, and the drumming on here is completely badass. 

Part of the success of this album lies in its recording. It was recorded live, and with great production quality, so we get the energy of a live performance without compromising the sound. 

Did I already mention is album clocks in at 50 minutes? And it's totally solid throughout. With this many songs, any band would be forgiven for having a few weaker tracks, but Kentucky Green deliver the goods every time. 

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Judas Goat" captures the band's heavy rocking sound, guitar solos, and inspired drum work. 

From the band: 

Kentucky Green are a Brisbane based three-piece rock band formed in 2019. Alternately described as "Stoner Blues" and "Doom Prog", we combine the de-tuned riffage of Kyuss and Sleep with the 70's rock of Sabbath, Budgie and Mountain and add a dash of Rush/Yes prog rock to create our own blistering musical stew. 

Follow KENTUCKY GREEN band on Bandcamp at and check out their CD, too. 

Watch Kentucky Green's videos on YouTube at

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