Friday, July 24, 2020

The Swamp CD of the Month 2020

The Swamp CD of the Month

The Swamp CD of the Month

Get a Limited Edition Swamp-exclusive CD every month
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Includes over 125 digital albums
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OCTOBER 2020 -- Green Hog "Dogs From Hell"

SEPTEMBER 2020  -- Sonic Taboo S/T

AUGUST 2020 -- Professor Electric "Liquid Courage"

JULY 2020 -- Dead Demons double album CD 
with Deadman Dance and 3Demons
2-panel art by Steven Yoyada

JUNE 2020 -- Lunar Swamp "UnderMudBlues"
Doom Charts on March 2020

MAY 2020
Crow & Poe or Kavod / THC double doom CD or 
Green Fuzz Ritual stoner compilation

APRIL 2020 -- Galactic Tyrannosaur "Voyager"

MARCH 2020 -- Dead Panda S/T with poster

FEBRUARY 2020 -- Opium Warlock "Opium Sunrise"
ft. Fulanno and Ganja Mutt

JANUARY 2020 -- Dos Brujos
Double Album with an exclusive jam