Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Stoner psych "Vol I" by Experiencia Tibetana

Stoner psych "Vol I" by Experiencia Tibetana

Argentina's EXPERIENCIA TIBETANA has an hour of stoner psych that you don't want to miss. Only 3 songs but's an hour of desert rock that runs from very psychedelic to very heavy, and back again. On top of all the stoner vibes are chanting vocals that are the perfect match for the mellow tones. Check out Experiencia Tibetana on Bandcamp: 

"Vol. 1" was recorded in 2014 but was released earlier this year. At almost an hour, the length matches the sound, and that is to say, it is absolutely MASSIVE! This is psych with emphasis on the "space" without any fear of experimentation. This album is a Falcon 9 that isn't afraid to use its boosters to blast off into space and explore the further reaches of the universe.

"Beirut" at about 15:00 simply explodes with a guitar solo going one way, the riff going another, and the rhythm section keeping the course into the far reaches of outer space. 

"Espalda de elefante" is darker and slower, and really keeps your attention despite it's nearly half hour length. Or to put it more accurately, your mind goes on a trip and you're not sure where the 30 minutes went. 

"Desatormentandonos" is stoner drone. Very relaxing after the first two mind-benders. 

This band definitely knows how to power a ship through space while exploring many interesting sights during the voyage. 

I love Spanish in stoner music, so the softly-sung lyrics match the music in tone and lend to the overall psychedelia. I can't understand most of what is being said, and that lends to the effect of a space trip where I am experiencing things beyond my comprehension. 

Experiencia Tibetana band is from Buenos Aires, Argentina with members:
  • Walter Fernandez: Guitar and Voice
  • Leandro Moreno Vila: Bass
  • David Cardozo: Guest Drum
From the band:
Created in mid-2013 in the western zone of Gran Buenos Aires, Experiencia Tibetana was born out of a spiritual quest that, influenced by bands like OM, Sleep, Ararat, Los Natas and Humo del Cairo, uses as a tool the amalgam of minimalism from the blues and the characteristic heavy rock of the '70s, with Byzantine music, the use of oriental sounds and the incorporation of mantras (natural, analog and digital).
With an EP recorded during 2014 ("Vol I") in the City of Moron, he knew how to present it in different settings, both in the suburbs and in the City of Buenos Aires, in order to produce more questions than answers about his style. Club V, El Emergente, El Jardin de los presentes, Continuum Bar, Detroit Club and El Galpón del Oeste were some of the redoubts that formed part of these ceremonies, which include the 2017 edition of the “Oeste Rock” festival. .
Currently, the band will be part of "El Gordo", a compilation that brings together different exponents of the world under and stoner scene (among which there is the presence of Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Spain, among others) to reverse compositions of Luis Alberto Spinetta. In this work, it was Pescado Rabioso that was targeted to go through the dense and dark sound that the band knew how to print in their work.
With a view to the future of this 2020, edit their next EP and with different presentations in the City and surroundings, the trio made up of Walter Fernandez, Leandro Vila and Gaston Saccoia continues to promulgate their spiritual, crude and valve message.
Follow Experiencia Tibetana band on Bandcamp at

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