Saturday, July 11, 2020

Heavy psych sludge metal "that which speaks​.​.​." is the new album from MERLOCK

Heavy psych sludge metal "that which speaks​.​.​." is the new album from MERLOCK

MERLOCK teased us with a few pre-release singles earlier this year, and yesterday the Spokane band delivered the final goods. "that which speaks..." is a killer of a heavy psych & sludge metal album with 4 songs (and a 5th hidden on the cassette tape) that will blow you away. Check out Merlock band on Bandcamp -- 

Don't let the slow tempo start of "idolon" fool you -- it doesn't take long for Merlock to drop the hammer, fire up the howls, and blow your mind. Fuzzy digs the combination of singing and growling, a combination which lends to the story-telling of the lyrics. 

Merlock has cooked up a fresh and unique blend of sludge, psych, and metal sounds, and the dish they lay on the banquet table is a feast for your ears. This album packs the emotional punch usually found on some metal albums. 

Fuzzy's favorite track: "prolapse" tied with "condemnation" and don't hassle me that I just picked half the tracks on the album as my favorites. This is a great album!

From the band:
Psychedelic Shadow Doom from Spokane, WA.
Formed as a traditional heavy metal band in 2017, MERLOCK quickly found themselves drawn to heavy, psychedelic depths.The more they played, the further the band moved away from their traditional heavy metal roots in search of something more luminous.

With a disdain for the desaturated, 'that which speaks...' insists on shimmering through the confines of doom.
Follow MERLOCK band on Bandcamp where you can get the music and order the cassette tape with a 5th hidden track.

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