Sunday, July 14, 2019

GREENSTONE debut EP "TRIGLAW" instrumental stoner psych from The Netherlands

Three tracks of instrumental stoner psych from The Netherlands. That alone should be enough to get you to listen to the debut EP "Triglaw" from GREENSTONE. Then allow me to add that we get nice long songs, and a variety of sounds between the tracks. Add in some psychedelic flair and this really is a top rate effort. A full album of this might just about blow your mind.

I dig that each track is so distinct. There is a sonic theme to tie them all together, but each one really stands out on its own. Shrine of Moloch starts off mysteriously with some Eastern riffs and a choice sample, and then blasts off and lets you know this EP is going to rip. Far Beyond the Tannhäuser Gate has a tempo change which gives it a sense of drama, and also I love the use of samples. Starfish Prime has some huge riffs, but also has some of the most spacey sections too and the guitar work is simply excellent. (I will add there is a sample on the last track but will let you discover it on your own.)

It is difficult to select a favorite track here. The only thing to do is put this on REPEAT and just keep listening.

Drums: Wesley Aalbers
Bass: Michael Crooijmans
Guitar: Kaj Heesakkers
Here's the description from the band's Bandcamp page:
Greenstone, in its current formation, was formed in early 2018. Binding elements in this trinity are riffs, grooves and effect boxes. So no vocals, but massive (stoner) rock. Raw yet expansive, a resonance of subterranean rumbling, ethereal echoes and human intervention.