Saturday, July 20, 2019

TWIN VOID's twin demos deliver doom country with and without vocals

TWIN VOID's twin demos
Twin Void
I love demos. Flat out they are really something I love to listen to. Most of the time, the music is fresh and totally worth a listen. Lo-fi and garage and DIY doesn't bother me at all. Usually it adds to the sound, or else I just listen past the low budget production and get into the music. Which is exactly what TWIN VOID delivers on not one but two demos. One with vocals and one without. First check out the instrumental demo tracks:

One thing a demo should do is "demonstrate" what the band can do, but without losing track of the song. No problem here. Twin Void hammers the heavy psych early on with Cloud Chamber, ventures into rockabilly with Speakin' in Toungues, and by the time they get to Green Valley they are showing off their bluesy doomy chops. The variety of sounds is all held together with a constant driving heaviness and that pretty much explains why I dig this so much.

Ready for vocals? Here we go with three tracks and I dig them all. Vocals are usually the part of a demo that take the biggest hit because they usually require a studio setup to get them right, but I'm digging this anyway. The songs on this EP are a little more stoner punk than the first EP, and the vocals fit right in. We're in for a treat when these guys hit the studio.

And samples! Man I really dig samples so having them on this demo is great to hear.

One tag on their Bandcamp page is "doom country" and I'm on board with that! In fact, that's the coolest tag I've seen in a while.

If you are in the Spokane area, check out TWIN VOID on July 26th at The Checkerboard Bar.

Another thing that explains why I like Twin Void is I can't get enough sticks & strings. Heck I did a whole comp of 2-piece setups back in January. Go check it out at Sticks & Strings vol. 1 on Bandcamp.

Twin Void is a psychedelic stoner punk duo from Spokane in the PNW and is:
Nathan Bidwell guitar & vox
Wyatt Farnsworth drums
Twin Void plans to hit the studio soon to combine some of these tracks with new material. Right on! (Although I will miss the lo-fi sound a little ... so I'll hold onto these twin demos and listen to them again as needed.)

The album covers are way beyond what most demos display. The art for Green Valley was done by Nathan, and the the cover for Evil Wanderer is by @brouemastervisualdecay who also did some poster art for the new Devils Witches / Saint Karloff vinyl split (also a killer). Even more great artwork below.

Be sure to follow Twin Void on Bandcamp to stay in the loop with their upcoming debut EP: