Friday, July 19, 2019

Reino Ermitaño's debut 2003 album to be released on vinyl by Necio Records

Reino Ermitaño's debut 2003 album to be released on vinyl in August
What's so great about a re-release is it gives new fans a chance to hear an album they might have otherwise missed. Back in 2003 when Reino Ermitaño's debut album first came out, my head was more into grunge and alternative than stoner, and I was definitely not paying attention to music out of Peru. So this album is new to me, and I am very glad to have heard it for the first time. It's heavy, it's bluesy, it's a little folk with it's acoustic guitar and mandolin, the vocals are unreal, and it's over an hour of solidly unique music.

Reino Ermitaño
From the Necio Records press kit:
The band was formed in 2001 in Peru and in 2003 they released their first self-titled studio work. Reino Ermitaño is already considered a cult band of the Latin American doom scene. The band in 2009 made their first tour of Europe and caused admiration for the doom followers. In 2010 they made their second tour but this time in Chile and they shared stage with bands like Yajaira, Kayros, Bitterdusk, etc. Our vinyl edition wants to commemorate what the band has been working for almost 20 years already. 
My favorite part of this album is the vocals. I dig female vocals and I dig Spanish vocals, so this is exactly the singing I love to hear. It is heavy and filled with emotion, and layered in multiple voices to achieve a simply haunting sound at some points. This alone makes this an album a standout to me.

There's no point to picking out a favorite track on this album because it plays out so nicely as a whole, but I will say that on my initial listening a few of the tracks really jumped out at me. "Las hadas" might be the one song you would send to a friend and say, "Hey you need to check out this band called Reino Ermitaño." OK, I also have to point out "Profundidad de las sombras" but after that all I can say is, Just listen to the whole album.

Necio Records out of Peru is calling this record a "milestone in Peruvian doom / folk", and I have to agree. It is so solid from start to finish, with the incredible vocals, and has a fresh sound at every turn. If the album was released brand new today it would still sound fresh and new, and that right there is reason enough to call it a milestone.

Not to mention mandolin. A doom album with a mandolin? Check it out.

Reino Ermitaño has plans for its sixth album in 2020, and its members are:
Marcos Coifman - Bass
Julio "Ñaka" Almeida - Drums
Tania Duarte - Vocals
Henry Guevara - Guitars, Mandolin
Big thanks to Necio Records for bringing this album to a new set of fans.

Reino Ermitaño's debut album from 2003 will be released on vinyl by Necio Records in late August. For more information, go to the album's page on Bandcamp:

Photo by Richard Nossar