Friday, July 26, 2019

HIPPIE DEATH CULT debut album "111" delivers the heavy psych

111 is the debut album from HIPPIE DEATH CULT
HIPPIE DEATH CULT is one of those bands I've been following on Instagram for so long that I was surprised they were dropping their debut album today. Where's all this groovy music been hiding then and how come their shows are getting such killer write-ups? Well here's your chance if you haven't been following them to dig into one of the very best psychedelic albums of the year. And definitely one of the best debut albums. I'm pretty sure most of the other reviews will focus on the "stoner" and the "doom" which are here on the album, but me and Mrs. Cracklins dug this album this 3 times last night at Happy Hour and I'm glad to report this is 100% heavy psychedelic grooviness. Check it out:

111 is the name of the debut album. 7 tracks just under 45 minutes so you know this is going on vinyl (on August 23 link below). The grooves start right in and ebb and flow for the entire album. Every song is strong on here and the production quality is off the hook. I have more to say but Mrs. Cracklins is hijacking the rest of this review. She and I grew on up on psychedelic music during the 70s so we speak from experience, and here are her comments:

  • Powerful vocals
  • Hard-driving drums 
  • Standout guitar performance
  • The bass provides the perfect foundation for a great album
  • Fabulous Debut Album

Hippie Death Cult is:
Ryan Moore  - Drums
Ben Jackson  - Vocals/Keys
Eddie Brnabic  - Guitar
Laura Phillips  - Bass 
Plenty of shows coming up so if you are in the PNW check out Hippie Death Cult, and follow them on Bandcamp to stay in the loop: