Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Ankh debut EP by Germany's Sleeping Child psychedelic rock review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Ankh by Sleeping Child
Ankh by Sleeping Child
Fans of FFOBR (female fronted occult blues rock) are in for a treat today. A stoner doom psychedelic rock sort of treat. Hit the jump to stream Ankh, the debut EP by Germany's Sleeping Child and read the review by Fuzzy Cracklins.........

If you only have 4 tracks on your EP, you are sort of under some pressure for each of them to deliver the goods. There isn't really any extra time for tracks that don't measure up to what you want to bring to the speakers. So I am happy to report that the debut EP called Ankh from Sleeping Child out of Germany really brings it. Each track delivers heavy stoner bass lines, hard-driving drums, and guitar work that is mellow and spacey when the mood is right, but rips it up with fuzzed-out riffs as needed.

And of course the singing. I believe it was Paul Rote over on Bandcamp that devised the term FFOBR and I am not so much into labels, but I have to admit that pretty much covers what is going on here. Soulful singing that is clear and full emotion. It really does give Sleeping Child a distinctive sound.

Sleeping Child is from Hamburg, Germany and includes Jules (vocals), Phillip (guitar), Julian (drums), and Michael (bass).

How much do I like Sleeping Child? I asked them if they would drop a track on Dr. Greenthumb's Psychedelic Circus compilation now for streaming and download on Bandcamp. Check it out with almost two solid hours of acid, fuzzy, heavy, and instrumental psychedelic music fresh from the underground music scene.

So go hit Sleeping Child's page on Bandcamp and follow Sleeping Child on Instagram to stay in the loop with their shows and goings-on.

I like High Runner so much that I made a little music video for it. With references to running, science fiction, and with the EP named Ankh, there was really only once choice......