Saturday, April 20, 2019

Wild Fuzz Trip stoner doom metal from Spain music review and band interview by Fuzzy Cracklins

Wild Fuzz Trip stoner doom metal from Spain
Wild Fuzz Trip stoner doom metal from Spain

What a special sonic treat there is for you today, my friends! Wild Fuzz Trip delivers only the very best instrumental stoner music, and it is all a part of their experimenting and reviewing of so many different pedals. First we will listen to some of their music and later keep going for the Fuzzy Cracklins band interview with Wild Fuzz Trip!

Take a listen to Mammoth Tower from their first EP Surreal Surroundings:

And now listen to Stonefly Echo from their most recent EP, Fuzznaut​)​)​):

One thing about Wild Fuzz Trip that sets them apart is they make music that you would call doom, but also they make psychedelic music, too. They ride right along the line between doom and psych. A track like Mammoth Tower has some psych elements to it, but it is more doom. But a track like Stonefly Echo has more psych guitar and effects.

And another thing about Wild Fuzz Trip are the PEDALS! So many pedals! We will get into that with the interview below, but you have to be sure to check them out on Instagram to follow all of their pedal reviews.

And now for the band interview!

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Hello Wild Fuzz Trip! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.
Hi dude! You're welcome. It's our pleasure :) 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Who is in Wild Fuzz Trip? Where are you guys at? When did you form?
We are just some friends playing music :) We are for the moment more of a music project than a band, we are from Spain and the drummer of our two first EPs is a good friend from Iceland, last year we decided to record our first two EPs that will be available soon on physical editions, we have some plans for the near future too :)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: With one of the members in another country, how do you record your songs?
We are friends and we are in constant contact, we send the music without drums and then he came here to Spain to record the drums and spend some days with us here too, this is what is all about, the wild adventure, the trip and of course to keep the Fuzz on! 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Which came first? The pedal & gear reviews, or the band?
Our passion is the music, to make new music, to make new songs is the most important, is true that we are pedals and gear nerds :) but of course still the music is the most important, in fact we didn't use more than five, seven pedals in this record, talking about this,  something that you will always find in our records is Matamp, Space Echo and Fuzz Pedals, normally StoneFly and Fuzzlord :)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Tell your fans where they can follow your gear reviews?
You can follow us on Pedaltvchannel different social media; mostly on Instagram, Facebook and we have a YouTube account too only for the moment with our music uploaded but thinking to upload, and our hope is that we have enough time, high quality gear reviews soon..
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Does your testing and reviews of the gear influence your music and songwriting?
Yes sure! Some tones just inspire you to make music, we are big fans of Matamp and Sunn0))) but the bigger influence for us are other bands. We are also big fans of Sleep, OM, Somali Yacht Club, Samsara Blues Experiment, Mephistofeles...
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Your music has been on two of my comps, one was for doom and one was for psych! How is that possible one group can make music in both genres?
Yes we love so much that styles mix :) and even in a hard and heavy song we usually love to take a break to play some psych parts, this is our style, instrumental, long songs, total freedom, different parts, fuzzy riffs and psych parts of course :) 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Tell us about some bands you like who do not get enough attention as they deserve?
For sure some awesome bands that deserve more attention, already have but they are so good deserve more :) Brunt, Frozen Planet....1969, Kaiser, Smokewitch, Klandestin...
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What else would you like to tell your fans?
Just say thank you to all the people who support our music. Thank You.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Thank you for your time, Wild Fuzz Trip! Stay heavy!
Thanks to you too. We can't wait too see more of your reviews and listen to your comps!

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